Yannik Zimmermann

Hey I'm Yannik! A young physicist in the making, that also enjoys coding.

I am currently in the second year of my Master's studies in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I am digging my head deep into the mathematical details of physical theories. Already since my childhood I wanted to know how our universe works on its deepest levels, and that curiosity grew only stronger over time. During my studies I further developed a strong interest in the mathematical foundations of physics. The thorough perspective you get on the inner mathematical structures of physical theories is what I enjoy most about this subdiscipline. And further, it gives me the insights I am looking for.

I did my undergraduate studies in Würzburg, Germany, and wrote my Bachelor's thesis about the unitarity properties of a scattering process in a massive graviton theory. I was supervised by Prof. Thorsten Ohl and you can read it here. I liked the exposure to some of the depths of quantum field theory I got there.

I am currently living in the Netherlands and doing the Theoretical Physics Master's program at the university of Utrecht. I started working on my Master's thesis in September. I am supervised by Prof. Thomas Grimm and am working on the classification of Calabi-Yau fourfold moduli spaces in the context of the Swampland Distance Conjecture.

Besides doing analytical calculations with pen and paper, I also enjoy tinkering around with computers and doing coding of all sorts. As a student assistant I created a program for the calculation of the band structure of topological insulators within a k-dot-p model. I did this with the help and under the supervision of M.Sc. Jan Böttcher and Prof. Ewelina Hankiewicz and I liked the insights into modern research that came with it.

In my spare time I used to do coding of short movies and 3D graphics together with some friends as the demogroup rtificial. The videos we produced can be summarized as three minutes of flashing visuals and dope sound, pressed into a 64 kilobyte executable. If you like to watch one, try this. I love the contact with art and design I got through this hobby, although I must admit, I'm not really talented at it and kind of stopped doing it.

After finishing my Master's studies I want to do a PhD. I finally want to mature from being a student to being a researcher, and help contributing to human understanding of nature. For doing that I am still looking for a group and project, preferably one where I can apply all my accumulated mathematical knowledge.

If you have some questions or just wish to contact me you can reach me via mail@yannikzimmermann.de, on WhatsApp by +49 176 92 67 88 59 or in the big IRC networks under my nickname ro0mquy.

– Yannik