Yannik Zimmermann

PhD Theoretical Physics | Software Engineer | Berlin

I just finished my PhD in Theoretical Physics, where I got pretty good at implementing advanced algorithms to study the behavior of elementary particles and strings. I also got pretty good at making cool looking slides to talk about my research at conferences.

But really? What I do is going on adventures through new ideas and concepts. I let my curiosity lead the way as I explore and discover new connections and ways of thinking. And then I come back and tell my friends and colleagues all about the cool stuff I found. It’s like a treasure hunt for the mind.

Things I write

The physics papers leading to my PhD on string theory:

Things I create

Ikaros Academy – I am co-organizer of the Ikaros Academy, a three-day seminar located in the medieval castle of Diez. We teach university freshmen modern rational methods of game theory and Bayesianism, as promoted by communities like Effective Altruism and LessWrong. My personal emphasis during the academy lies on creating a supportive group feeling.

Co-Creation Circle – I regularly organize events for the Berlin-based Co-Creation Circle – a format of weekly ceremonies focusing on mediation, body awareness, singing, and building community. Join us some day!

rtificial – I used to code short movies and 3D graphics with my friends of the demogroup rtificial. Our videos were 3 minutes of flashing visuals and dope sound – fresh out of our custom-made video editor and rendering engine and pressed into 64 kilobytes. Unfortunately, due to a lack of creative talent, my interest eventually waned, but the eye for aesthetics remains with me. Check out the Github project!.

Things I like

Self-Exploration – I enjoy meditation and exploring my mind and emotional space. Similarly, I practice Natural Movement and am currently studying with Joseph Bartz.

Traveling – I recently went backpacking through Colombia, explored the atmosphere of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and overwintered on Cyprus and Malta.

Reading – Books I enjoyed include: Meaningness by David Chapman, Black Swan by Nassim Taleb, Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu, Sapiens by Yuval Harari, Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang, The Alabaster Girl by Zan Perrion.


Yannik is a highly motivated, flexible and creative individual who thrives when given the opportunity to share his ideas and be heard.
Yannik is an excellent communicator, able to quickly understand abstract concepts and clearly explain them to others.
Yannik is curious, unafraid to take risks and try new things.
Yannik uniquely blends new perspectives with action, making ideas happen. A truly rare and valuable combo.